Waste audit and staff presentation for Smith & Nephew


In 2008 Smith & Nephew hired Waste Not Consulting to do an audit of a week's waste generated at their Avondale site.  The audit was undertaken with assistance from Smith & Nephew staff, and after completion of the audit and analysis of the waste audit results, Waste Not Consulting presented these results to Smith & Nephew staff.


Since then Smith & Nephew have reduced waste to landfill by close to 30%.

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Waste audit and in-house recycling systems for Chapman Tripp 


Chapman Tripp contracted Waste Not Consulting to undertake an audit of waste generated in their Auckland and Wellington office in 2007. After the audit, recommendations were provided for the implementation of enhanced recycling systems.


A second audit undertaken a year later, after the new recycling systems had been implemented, found that Chapman Tripp had succeeded in significantly reducing waste to landfill, with their Wellington office reducing waste by 74%.


A presentation of the results of this initiative was provided to Chapman Tripp staff.


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Waste audits and in-house recycling systems for Telecom NZ Ltd

In 2003 a walk-through survey and waste audit were undertaken for Telecom NZ Ltd's five Auckland sites.  The review of a waste minimisation plan was followed by the implementation and monitoring of a new recycling system.


In 2004, a similar recycling system was designed and implementated throughout Telecom's Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch offices. A system was established to provide Telecom management with data on waste and recycling on an ongoing basis.


Recycling systems for a total of 6000 employees were installed.


See www.telecom.co.nz/waste for their latest achievements.


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Watercare Services Ltd


Waste Not has undertaken regular waste audits for Watercare since 2003, auditing waste from five different Watercare sites.


The results of these audits have assisted Watercare to continually improve their Zero Waste Project, and to report on their waste minimisation achievements in their award winning annual sustainability reports.


Meridian Energy


Analyses of solid waste have been undertaken for Meridian Energy's Wellington, Christchurch, and Twizel offices annually since 2006.  After each audit a report has been provided to Meridian Energy outlining the audit results, comparisons with previous years, and recommendations for future improvements.